Monday, March 10, 2008

The Return of N2720L

Well, after a few months of downtime for service I finally got my plane back. Yaaaaay!

Lima had to have three cylinders replaced due to cracks. Two had really low compressions and one had an exhaust leak. Since they were also cracked they had to be replaced instead of overhauled. So that set me back a bit. Anyhow, she's running better than ever now and I decided to take the "run-in" opportunity to take a few pictures.



  1. WOW.. must have cost a few to many aviation maintenance units ($1000.)

    Well look on the bright side, it is done in time for Sun n Fun. Only 28 days until it opens!!!

  2. To think their are plenty of 1960 planes flying around
    but we trade in cars pretty quick if they are bad for a new model

    I might get one when i finish up my license and poked my instructor for more info what to expect for maintainance costs


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