Wednesday, March 19, 2008

1923 Elementary School

West side ATL, the cornerstone for this school was laid in 1923. According to reports I've read the school was last occupied in 1970, but there are records boxes in the basement dating to 1994. (It's possible, even likely, that the school board was just using the basement for storage.)

This is the most deteriorated interior of a building I have ever seen. I wish I had brought a video camera to capture the sounds and movement of the water, which was raining in everywhere throughout the building. Water was dripping from ceilings and pouring down walls. The building was full of the sound of echoing water off concrete walls, like a concrete rainforest.

A "resident" of the building graciously gave us a tour and told stories of his life there, including his encounters with demons, the ghost of a small boy who returns at night, and occasionally the local sheriff.

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