Monday, June 22, 2009

Metropolitan Industrial - Aerial Reconnaissance

Duckie and I took the Cessna into town to shoot some aerial photos of the Metropolitan Industrial location for Freeside Atlanta.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Freeside Atlanta - Speculative Spaces

Metropolitan Industrial:

The "Metro" is a large warehouse space divided into three main partitioned areas. The first area has an enclosed space occupying roughly 60% of the width of the space. That enclosed area has a couple of single-office sized rooms (one of which is psychadelic painted with glow-in-the-dark stars) and a bathroom with a working shower in it.

The second partitioned area has a kitchen built in it, complete with counter space, a kitchen sink, a range, a dishwasher, and an "island" counter with electrical power and storage space. At the back of the second partition is another enclosed space with two small office-style rooms, another closed-sized bathroom, and a weird small unfinished alcove-like room (not photographed).

The third partitioned area is open warehouse space, with a small semi-wall dividing it from the two large roll-up garage doors in the back.

My photos do not include the front area's enclosed rooms because they had dark painted walls and no light whatsoever. My attempts to photograph them did not result in anything of use. I'm also missing some of the "nook and cranny" rooms/spaces for the same reason. I think I captured the majority of the space fairly well though.

I also didn't photograph the bathrooms in either site.

Photos of the Metro:

Green Industrial:
Green Industral site is a fairly standard office/warehouse combo. The front consists of two foyer rooms with tile floors. From there, there's a standard single-office sized room, a strange "alcove room" (again!), a conference / presentation room, and then the warehouse. There are two small bathrooms as well, one of which I'm told can be converted to a shower instead at possibly no additional cost.

I photographed one of the two foyers, but not the other. (They're roughly the same, save for the front door.) I also did not photograph the small alcove room or the bathrooms.

Photos of Green:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Hosting Provider, mysql & Wordpress Unicode Issues

Hi folks!

Just a quick note - I've moved to a new hosting provider. If you see anything wonky, broken links, or other such weirdness shoot me an email.

When I first migrated the database (a few days ago) I ended up with some spurious Unicode characters scattered throughout the website. (E.g. lots of strange à characters stuck in around words, &etc.) Turns out the problem was mysql. Wordpress was correctly backing up the database as utf8, but when I re-imported it, it was re-encoding it for some reason. The solution was to add "--default_character_set=utf8" on the mysql command line during the database restore/import.


# mysql --default_character_set=utf8 -u{username} -p{password} {dbname} -h {hostname} < db-backup-file.sql

Deleting and re-importing the database with the --default_character_set option fixed it right up! (I'm posting this as a reminder to myself as well.)

- K.C.