Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ducky EDF Quad - Motor Mounts and Second Test

I had the EDFs mounted to the frame with zip ties for the first test.  That proved a bit unstable.  I also had the problem of the motor housings sticking down lower than the rest of the quad, which posted a threat to them on landing.

Talon motor mount
So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone by making some EDF mount brackets that extended vertically below the bottom of the motor housings.  The Turnigy Talon frame I used included these aluminum "T" mounts, intended to be mounted horizontally at the end of the tubular arms to allow you to mount the motor on top.  I simply turned them 90 degrees so that the flat face was vertical to align them with one of the two flanges protruding from the side of the EDF housings.

To mount the EDF flanges to them, I fabricated a mounting bracket to use as a clamp.  I used an old license plate frame that I cut into four equal length parts and drilled matching holes in:

Four mounts cut from a discarded license plate frame

Drilled and mounted to EDF with motor bracket

Mounted to quadcopter frame

I filmed a new test flight with the modifications.  I wasn't really thinking about the fact that I was filming during the flight, or I would have put more effort into keeping it closer to me.  Overall, it flies really well.  It has a slight left yawing tendency, but I suspect that is because I haven't really done anything to precision align the EDFs.  (I just eyeballed them and clamped them down.) 

I avoided using 100% power to see how it did on flight time.  With the flying you see it used about 70% of the battery life in just over 5 minutes.  So, not bad!


  1. Great Job Sr! Question: what did you use as power distribution board? How much Amps does that edf motor draws?

  2. Perfect job, I am surprised how well it flies.
    How does your development of edf quadcopter continue?
    I am very interested in idea of EDF quadcopter, in order to fly indoor with recording camera and FPV. Do you think that this small quadcopter can fly with edf? Details about parameter I can send additionally.

    Thanks for reply.

  3. I was searching the web this morning and found your post, looks like we share some of the same interest. I have been designing and building multirotors for some time including EDF's. Check out my quadcopter, all four edf's rotate the same direction. I angled the edf's to achieve "thrust vectoring", they are fixed at about 15 degrees.

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