Thursday, August 11, 2011

Unusual aircraft at Shafter-Minter airport

On our way back from Las Vegas, my coworker August and I stopped for lunch and fuel at Shafter-Minter Airport (KMIT). There were some unusual aircraft parked there, including two crop-dusting helicopters and a Fouga Magister jet.

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  1. Hi, I am a L337 g33k female. I am an obsessive talker, with many hobbies, unique collections of old clocks, cameras, electronics, motorcycles, and cars.I found your unique blog/journal via Facebook, thru a friend of a friend, etc.
    I just wanted to thank you for posting some really interesting stuff. I'm so sick of the usual blogs of various people postings of their lunch pictures complete with Taco closeup, pictures of their dog or themselves and the mood they or the mood of their dog are in at that exact moment of said photo opp. And of course, extensive braggings on their toddlers bowel movements during potty training. With that said, no i don't hate kids or animals. I adore both. C:

    I found your 1964 IBM modem post, amazing! I knew the gov't and IBM had computers back then, but i had no idea IBM had any idea about modems or possibly the internet. Simply unreal.

    Your pictures flying over the Sierra Nevadas were equally amazing. I noticed in the desert pictures, it looks like there may be geoglyphs. Similar to the Nazca Lines? I don't know if thats what they were in your desert pictures, but thats how I saw them. Very interesting. I need to take a trip West. (I'm in Dallas, TX)
    Anyway, again thanks for giving me one more reason to use excessive amounts of bandwidth and 4G time well spent via my ahem, smart phone.
    That is something I would like to see you mess with! Those big old cellular phone bricks from the latter part of the 80's. Michael Douglas from Wall Street, instantly comes to mind.


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