Thursday, July 17, 2008

Automobile Plant - Atlanta Assembly, Hapeville, GA

The metro-Atlanta town of Hapeville, GA lays claim to being the home of Jeff Foxworthy, Chick-Fil-A, and an automobile plant of a well known auto-maker. The "Atlanta Assembly" plant, located in Hapeville between Interstate 75, the Atlanta Airport, and the railroad tracks, was opened in December, 1947 and ceased operations in October, 2006.

The plant was bought by a local developer last month and is being demolished to make way for commercial structures. The developer was kind enough to allow myself and a couple of fellow explorer/photographers in to shoot the factory just prior to the deconstruction.


  1. hi, i found your site through a friend and saw your pictures of the ford plant in hapeville. My grandfather worked there for 32 years, and I plan on showing him these pictures the next time i see him... very cool.

  2. in pic #28, I believe the ‘chemical filtration system’ is actually an air line for air tools. You can set the pressure there (note the gauge), and the in line canister thing is actually air tool oil that gets added to the air supply.


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