Sunday, July 26, 2015

Arduino-based barometric altimeter / altitude deviation alerter

While working on my instrument training, it occurred to me that I had everything I needed in my parts bin to build a device to help alert me to deviations in altitude. So, I built MonkeyAltimeter.

It started off on a breadboard while I worked on the code:

Then, I took it for a flight test (primarily to see how accurate it was in the cabin and see if my VSI routine worked):

Finally, I designed and printed a simple case for it:

The details,  parts list, operation manual, &etc are here:

The source code is here:


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  1. Hi KC,

    My name is Trevor and I live in South Africa. I have been looking for a small altimeter that that I can use for skydiving. Planning on mounting it in a full face skydiving helmet. I searched the net and initially found "Tiny Altimeter". I am new to Arduino and can't do programming. I now have come across yours as the other I found works in meters and I need it to be in feet. Also when I compile it it seems to have bugs, but what do I know... Also I use a OLED 128×64 for the display as that is what I bought for the Tiny Altimeter. Also it has a battery monitor on the display, as well as a charging module. This is probably a very stupid question but can I use you code for what I have and does yours have a battery monitor and battery indicator display. I would really appreciate your help as I have no idea how to do all this.

    Much appreciated


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