Tuesday, May 28, 2013

phreakmonkey.com is now hosted on Blogger!

For those of you who follow my (neglected as of late) blog, you may have noticed some downtime lately.   My previous web hosting provider was being rather fascist about controlling the DNS for the domain names that I own, so I decided to re-take control of them and move my blog elsewhere.

Blogger seemed like the easiest choice, as I have tired of maintaining WordPress on my own and never really liked it anyway.

The move required me to export all my old posts, modify them to re-link all the static content that I had hosted elsewhere, convert it to Blogger-compatible format, and then import it into Blogger.  It seems to have gone relatively smoothly, but feel free to send me a message if something you're looking for is gone or doesn't work.

On the positive side, I will probably go back to blogging cool stuff again, since I'm back on an easier platform to do it from.

 - K.C.

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