Thursday, August 9, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

It's August again, and that means I'm off to Las Vegas for BlackHat 2007 / DefCon 15!

This year's conference was great- lots of informative talks, a fair share of hijinx, and a fun time all around hanging out with friends - new and old.

I took a few pictures from my rooms at the Imperial Palace (which had a balcony) and the Riviera tower. I didn't take any pictures of the conferences themselves - 1) I was too busy attending and 2) plenty of others were doing that.

The last few photos are of the soon-to-be imploded Frontier Hotel & Casino. The Frontier is a-buzz with construction and pre-demolition crews removing things and preparing the property for it's imminent demise. My attempt to smooth-talk my way in to take pictures was ill-timed, and I was turned away unceremoniously. Ah well.

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