Friday, June 1, 2007

Medical Arts part deux

I recently decided to wander by the Medical Arts building for some more snapshots. I parked in my usual spot, wandered through my previous POE, took some pictures, and then noticed that someone had driven an automobile through the entire front plate glass window!!

Damn. That's why the place smells so musty. Right about then someone on one of the upper floors started using the open utility shaft (see my previous pics) as a urinal. Hrmm. This place is probably fairly well occupied, I decide, what with the front of it having a 10 foot hole knocked in it.

So, I confined my photography to the main levels and the sub-basement, where I found the boiler room. I wanted to go up and photograph the burned-out 6th floor, but decided that ascending into the highrise was a bad idea given its current state. I decided the safety hazard posed by the massive hole in the building warranted a call to notify the owner of the building's condition upon my return.

P.S. - The boiler room pics were illuminated by flashlight. It's freakin' dark down there! :)

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  1. Wow, this is so interesting...I stumbled across your pictures on the internet.....walk past this super scary building on my way to work every day and wonder what it's like in their, or more likely who is in there! The city barred up that gaping whole in the front of the building so I guess the vagrants had to find another entrance. I still can't believe you went in there all alone!!!!! Ugh the smell from the outside is enough to make me a little queezy some mornings.


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