Sunday, May 13, 2007

Atlanta Palms Hotel / Downtown Ramada

Hey look, an empty hotel building. I wonder what they're doing in there? Ah... Asbestos removal. How lovely! Anyhow, here's some pictures.

Edit: 2007.07.21- Holy Crap - this place used to be the Clarion Hotel!  I thought I recognized that interior courtyard! A friend and I attended SummerCon X there in July of 1995!  :)  In fact, it was in the top-level conference room that is now the barren interior shown in photo #8 below.

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  1. Thanks for these pictures, I was curious about this abandoned hotel so close to the open Ritz.

    She's still abandoned as of late March 2012.

    The parking deck is owned by LAZ or an equivalent, maliciously charging Georgia State University students $3 or $4 to park for the day.

    I stopped parking here after the rusty exterior stair case creaked..or when the aggressive crack-bum pretended to be a parking attendant, or perhaps when at 10pm I saw a friendly young black male randomly lurking under someones car.


    Pan out for UGA. Things are tragically creepy around Georgia State, especially at night. Do not listen to the hollow promises of their police.


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