Donkey Quad Tips: Parts

Motor / Propeller directions and corresponding
32U4 Flight Controller output pins


The props that came with it are the HobbyKing Fluorescent Combo 7060
They also come in separate "Standard Rotation" and "Right Hand Rotation".  

NOTE:  These props have 3 mm hubs, but your quad requires 5 mm.   You'll have to ream (or drill) the hubs out to 5 mm to mount them.  You can hand-turn a 5 mm drill bit or use a 5 mm reaming tool.

The following propeller sizes have been tested to work on this quad:

7" x 3.8"  (7038) : Work, but slightly lower thrust
7" x 4.5"  (7045) : Work well.
7" x 6.0"  (7060) : Very stable & high thrust, but harder to find.
8" x 3.8"  (8038) : Gemfan makes this size.  High thrust, good for aerobatics.

8" x 4.5" (8045) : Work in short bursts.  Tends to overheat motors, not recommended. is a good source for additional (non-glow in the dark) propellers

Motor shaft size: 3mm,  prop collets:  5mm.  Props must have 5mm+ hub size.


Buy a frame for spare parts.  They're cheap!  (And you will break the arms!)

The frame is the HobbyKing F330, which is a knock-off of the DJI F330 frame.  (If that link doesn't work, search for "F330" on   This is the actual frame this quad was made with, and also the cheapest source.  Unfortuntely, they're often back-ordered. has been known to carry another similar knock-off and you can always look on eBay


LIPO BATTERY PRIMER  <- Go read & understand.  Lipo batteries can be dangerous if mishandled.

Any 3S 25C+ battery should work as long as it's not too heavy.  2200mAh seems to be a great weight / capacity compromise.  2600 mAh works.  Anything larger is getting too big.  Some candidates:

Turnigy 2700mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack   <- 
heavier, but longer flight times.

This quad has XT60 connectors on it.  So if the battery has something else, you'll either have to replace the connector or get an adapter.

Motors: HobbyKing Donkey ST2004-1550kv

Electronic Speed Controlers (ESCs):

ESCs turn the timing output of the flight controller into the correct high-current, high-voltage pulse sequences needed to drive each of the brushless motors.  There's one ESC per motor.  Since they have to be wired directly to the flight battery anyway they also serve the purpose of providing the regulated 5V voltage output back to the other electronics via the flight controller connection.  The regulated-power function is referred to as the BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) for legacy reasons.

4 x TURNIGY Plush 10amp ESC

Flight Controller:
(the "motherboard" on the aircraft)

OrangeRX R100 DSM2 Satellite RX

Note:  To bind this receiver to a new transmitter you either have to:
a) connect it to an OrangeRX receiver "Satellite" port first
  - or -
b) Flash [INSERT]this arduino sketch[/insert] to your flight controller temporarily to put the RX in BIND mode.  (This will require re-flashing your flight controller back to MultiWii afterward.)

Radio Control Transmitter: 

Miscellaneous Additional Parts / Hardware:

  • XT60 female power connector
  • Pure silicon coated wire
  • Heat-shrink tubing
Flight controller mounting:
  • M3 nylon screws
  • M3 nylon threaded spacers
  • M3 nylon nuts
Motor mounting:
  • 4" zip ties
UV Lights:

  • 2n2222 NPN transistor
  • LED MR16 Spotlight 12V 4W 

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